Find out more about the program and courses here:  https://cogsci.arizona.edu/programs/certificate

Neuroimaging Certificate


  • COGS 505- Introduction to Neuroimaging Methods (Neuroimaging Certificate core Course)

  • SLHS 362 - Neurobiology of Language (Fall)

  • SLHS 568 – Speech Perception (Spring)

  • SLHS 597 - Neuroimaging Methods (Spring)

  • SLHS 696a  - Graduate Seminar in Speech Disorders (alternate years)


Independent Studies - Graduate and Undergraduate

     Term           Course           Title

      SLHS391   Perceptorship/Undergrad Independent study

      SLHS491   Perceptorship/Undergrad Independent study

      SLHS399   Independent Study-Undergraduate

      SLHS499   Independent Study-Undergraduate

      SLHS699   Independent Study-Graduate

      SLHS392/492  Directed Research

      SLHS900   Graduate Research Laboratory Rotation

      NSCS399   Independent Study in Neuroscience

      NSCS498   Honors Thesis in Neuroscience

      PSIO 399   Physiology Independent Research Study