October 2020

Poster Presentation at SNL meeting:  Effect of excitatory and inhibitory theta burst stimulation (TBS) on resting state connectivity

Poster Presentation at SNL meeting: Altered oscillatory responses to language in the semantic variant of PPA

May 2020

Dr. Kielar presents results of rTMS study at the Research Innovating Showcase, BIO5 Institute

Dr. Kielar interviewed for Thesis Thursday, KXCI 91.3 about using neuromodulation to enhance recovery after the stroke and in dementia

Congratulations Graduating students 2020! Mike, Steffi, Shene, Sara, Katie, Anita, Hanna, Jackie

April 2020

Mike Shen, NSCS & Linguistics, completed honors thesis: fMRI Localizer Task for Cortical Responses to Phonology, Semantics, and Orthography: A Pilot Study

Steffi Haya Pertsovsky, NSCS, completed honors thesis, Effects of Stroke Lesion on Language Performance and White Matter Connectivity in Post-Stroke Aphasia

August 2019

Mike Shen presents his project at the 24th Annual UROC Research Conference, University of Arizona, Graduate College.

June 2019

Dr. Kielar received BIO5 Institute University of Arizona: Team Scholars Program grant to work on non-invasive neurostimulation protocol for treatment of language deficit in post-stroke aphasia

May 2019

Dr. Kielar receives University of Arizona College of Science Dean's Innovation Award

Dr. Kielar publishes a new paper: Slowing is slowing: Delayed neural responses to words are linked to abnormally slow resting state activity in Primary Progressive Aphasia in Neuropsychologia

Dr. Kielar interviewed by NPR KJZZ about using imaging for early dementia detection

Congratulations to our Graduates 2019! Kimmy, Alexis, Phoebe, Keena, Alyssa, Stephanie

April 2019

Kimberly Skvarla, NSCS completed undergraduate honors thesis Electrophysiological signature of verb argument processing: ERP study

Alexis Morrison, NSCS completes undergraduate honors thesis “Narrative production in stroke related aphasia and older adults”

Alexis and Kimmy present at the Neuroscience & Cognitive Science Poster Forum

March 2019

Poster presented at Cognitive Neuroscience Society Conference (CNS), San Francisco, CA, USA. Relationship between phonology, semantics and paste tense inflection in post-stroke aphasia