HIPAA Training

Go to UACCESS, then Learning (rather than Student) and then the icon for My Learning and then find the HIPAA training link.

1) If the student has never used My Learning before, then the menu (including the HIPAA training module) will not show up until 24 hours after they first go in to the site.
2) aim to do this on campus using campus computers (more trouble when trying from home)


CITI Training

This is completed at:


Conflict of Interest

Work Overview:

  1. Tasks: The tasks you will be working on will be research related and they may involve:
    1. Literature search
    2. Entering data into the database
    3. Helping with set-up of the experiments
    4. Recruiting participants
    5. Help with data collection


  1. Because we are just beginning to design the experiments some weeks may require more work, while other times there may be less work to complete.
  2. We can work together to adjust your hours as required and as your schedule changes.
  3. Because we work with patients, we ask that you present a professional appearance.
  4. Because of HIPPA privacy regulations, we are not allowed to take patient files or data outside of the lab.
  5. If you are ill or unable to come to the lab at the scheduled time please let me know so that I can plan accordingly
  6. If you are unsure about anything please let me know.


Safety Training and CPR

If you work at the MR4 Human Research MRI scanner, you are required to go through safety training (offered each Fall) and to maintain HeartSaver CPR certification

This page will provide current opportunities to partake in such training. You must have safety training from this university at least once. We also recommend that if you have not scanned in 3 years, even though you completed the safety training once at this university, that you go through safety training again. You do NOT need to take safety training every year.

Safety training takes about 90 minutes.

Neuroimaging Group website

Training Video

Training Materials